Finally, we will witness the reconstruction of Rybny Square.

Fish Market will be transformed from a parking lot into an attractive urban square with benches, decorative street lamps, and small architecture. The whole will be complemented by newly planted trees and flower beds.

According to the conditions of the tender announced by the city hall, the reconstruction of Fish Market should be completed by December next year. How will this area change? The plan envisages designating the square exclusively for pedestrian traffic. The asphalt surface will be replaced by granite slabs. An illuminated wind rose will be located in the central point of the square. Stylish benches will await those who are thirsty for rest, and there will also be space for seasonal gastronomic gardens. Tree planting has also been planned, and an element referring to the history of the square will be a replica of a former dock crane standing in this place.

At the waterfront of the Brda River, changes will affect the marina – the currently standing shelter made of laminated material will be replaced by a structure better suited to the context of the old town buildings.

However, it is not yet known how the part of Fish Market near the granaries, which belongs to a private owner, will change. There is also a parking lot there. Will the municipal investment end its functioning? So far, this has not been explained, but it is possible that access to the private parking lot will be blocked in the new layout after the reconstruction.

In the further perspective, the development of this place in the form of a modern interpretation of 2 granaries, which stood in this place until the fire in 1960, is considered.

History of Fish Market

In this place, a fish market functioned from the Middle Ages until the end of the 1920s. Both fish from local fisheries and sea fish brought by barges from Gdańsk were sold there.