Solidarity Bridges require thoughtful restyling.

The Solidarity Bridges along Focha Street currently resemble viaducts over a highway. They are completely devoid of decorative elements, with only the raw concrete structure, rustic steel barriers, and uninteresting lighting poles catching the eye.

In the past, this state of affairs was not particularly bothersome, as the Solidarity Bridges did not contrast with the neglected surroundings. However, this part of the city is now undergoing an aesthetic revolution. In place of neglected ruins and vacant lots, modern buildings are being erected – the Nowy Port and Urzecze housing estates, as well as the fourth circle of the Nova Opera.

Therefore, it is worth considering in advance how to adapt the appearance of the bridge to the changing environment. So that in the future, when the surrounding investments are completed, this part of the city can shine in all its glory.

In which direction should the restyling of the bridge go? In this case, a repetition of what was done on the Staromiejski Sulimy-Kamińskiego Bridge will not be a good solution. In that location – due to the nature of the surroundings – a return to the past was fully justified.

In the case of the Solidarity Bridges, a better solution will be to prioritize tasteful, modern design – refined minimalism with the introduction of green accents wherever possible.

Patryk Kruszyniecki