The final stage of tram fleet modernization.

By 2025, the last Konstal trams will disappear from the tracks in Bydgoszcz. They will be replaced by 40 Swing trams from Pesa.

This week, the first tram from this batch will arrive at the depot on Toruńska Street. 10 more will join the fleet by the end of this year. The Swing trams will be equipped with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and a modern passenger information system. Their maximum speed is 80 km/h, and their lifespan is 35 years.

Currently, there are 75 trams running on the streets of Bydgoszcz, including 40 outdated Konstal trams.

Expansion of tram lines

Investments in the rail transport in Bydgoszcz will not be limited only to the replacement of rolling stock. The construction of a tram bridge between Toruńska and Fordońska Streets at the Perłowa Street level is currently underway.

In the future, there are also plans to extend a new tram line from the Kujawski roundabout towards Szwederowo. Additionally, the reconstruction of pedestrian crossings under the Fordońskie roundabout will provide accessibility to the stops for people with disabilities.