Tramway investments in Bydgoszcz. Two important constructions this year.

Two new bridges next to the existing Kazimierz Wielki bridge will be built for the city by Trakcja S.A. The investment will also include the modernization of the tram junction at Perłowa Street. Public transportation users will also be pleased with the preparations for the construction of two Vienna-style stops on Gdańska Street.

Easier communication from residential areas to investment areas

The main idea behind the construction of new bridges is to better connect Fordon and Bartodzieje with Kapuściska and the city’s investment areas. This will also be an opportunity to renovate the deteriorating tram junction at Perłowa Street. New sidewalks, roads, and bicycle paths will also be built along the route.

Sidewalks and bicycle paths. Kazimierz bridge traffic only one way

The crossings next to the Kazimierz Wielki bridge, connecting Fordońska Street with Toruńska Street, are tram and car bridges. The first one (about 250 meters long) with five spans will be slightly longer than the car structure. Narrow sidewalks will be built here, separated from the tracks by barriers. The second crossing will also have five spans, as well as two lanes of traffic, and on the eastern side, a sidewalk and a bicycle path. Importantly, after the completion of the investment, the road on the Kazimierz Wielki bridge will only lead traffic in the direction of Kapuściska. Under the bridges, from the Bartodzieje side, an internal road and a section of road for pedestrians and cyclists leading to the planned boulevards on the left bank of the Brda River will be built.

Rainwater to collectors

An important issue will be the drainage of rainwater. It will not go directly into the river, but through cast iron bridge drains into two collecting collectors located under the bridge deck passing through the abutments, and then into the rainwater drainage system.

New Vienna-style stops

Meanwhile, the design of two Vienna-style stops on Gdańska Street (at the level of Chodkiewicza Street) is ongoing. They are intended to help people with disabilities and improve safety on the tram route. It is worth reminding that there is already a Vienna-style stop on Focha Street.

Safe and convenient

How does a Vienna-style stop work? The level of the raised pavement is almost at the level of the tram floor, which greatly facilitates boarding for older or disabled people. This solution also affects traffic safety by forcing drivers to reduce speed within the stops.

Construction to begin this year

The tender for the construction of the stops was won by Affabre. The company valued the work at 1.4 million Polish zloty. The agreement with the contractor has already been signed and the work will start this year. After developing the project, Affabre will obtain the necessary permits for the work. The investment will be covered by a five-year warranty. The stops will be slightly relocated to Zamoyskiego Street. The work concept involves the reconstruction of traffic lanes and sidewalks. The platforms are planned to be about 30 meters long.

More Vienna-style stops planned

The city does not intend to stop at three Vienna-style stops. More are planned for the future – from Teatralny Square to Kamien Street. It is worth reminding that the concept has already been the subject of public consultations. It assumes the construction of 13 safe stops, including 12 on both sides of Gdańska Street. One of the tram islands is planned to be located on Jagiellońska Street (intersection with 19 Marca Street for trams heading towards the Garbary Junction).